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NWL Building Services works with commercial and residential clients.

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  • Roof repairs and replacement
  • Minor repairs
  • Rainwater goods replacement and repairs.
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Increasing the living area in a house is the dream for many homeowners. But sometimes adding another room is not feasible, because you live on the top floor. There is another way to acquire a new living space – this is a room in the attic.


Can you convert roof space to an attic or is it so cold and damp that you don’t even risk storing there? Reconstruction of the roof in a private house will solve this problem and convert the space into residential living.

Entrust this job to professionals.

• Need a roof reconstruction or loft conversion? Call our office or leave an online request.
• Our engineer comes to visit you. He takes measurements, photos and creates an estimated cost for a loft conversion in your house.
• You get your hands on a detailed technical plan for the reconstruction of the roof, as well as an estimate for the necessary materials.
• If you decide to go ahead with our company, we purchase the necessary materials and deliver everything to the facility, to proceed.
• On completion of the loft conversion, you take over the job and start settling in a new warm and cosy attic. If something does not suit you, our specialists will immediately fix everything.

Before making the loft conversion, it is worth deciding on the purpose of the new premises.

There are many options here, for example:
– family or children bedroom
– office
– bathroom
– storage

Most often, a loft conversion is used for a bedroom. According to many experts, this option is the most effective way to use additional space under the roof of the house.


An attic bedroom or loft conversion starts with a plan for the upcoming work. Without a design project and work specifications, it is difficult to build. It also helps you visualize and understand the cost.

Our experts measure and calculate the size of the future room. Taking into account the area of the loft itself and the height of the slopes. We discuss with you an arrangement of windows because an attic room won’t be cosy without natural light.

Loft conversion construction involves many aspects, such as a good staircase. If you are creating a loft for storage, it wouldn’t matter as much. But a living space, such as a bedroom, must be equipped with a convenient staircase to have easy access. Therefore, the construction of a reliable staircase must be included in the specification plan. Also, laying good thermal insulation will reduce your energy bills and maintain room temperature when it’s cold.

During Loft Conversion, we inspect all the elements of the roof and floors as well and inform you if repairs needed.

Connecting electricity and plumbing can only be carried out by licensed engineers. NWL Building Services works with safety registered specialists who provide certificates on completion.

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Convert your rooftop to an attic or loft.

Why choose us?

At NWL, we know that roof reconstruction is a difficult process. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced carpenters and builders can solve any problems.

After all, most of our clients come from the recommendation of friends and family who were satisfied with our work.
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