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NWL Building Services works with commercial and residential clients.

  • Decoration works by Hampstead Decorators
  • Wallpaper hanging
  • Internal wood repairs


  • External and internal building works carried upon request by NWL Builders

Home improvement changes the interior of an apartment after painting, replacing wallpaper, flooring, eliminating surface defects, partial changes in utilities (electricity, plumbing, ventilation). The advantage of minor repairs is the renovation of the property interior at a minimal cost.

Room renovation is a simple and interesting process. Regardless of the size, condition, in the end, you can get a cosy and comfortable room. The main criteria- to find professionals, who can help you choose an interior based on your preferences.

Home improvement is always a change for the better. Changing the colour of the walls and your room will shine new colours. It is important to use the services of specialists who implement projects, regardless of their complexity. The company “Building Service London” is ready to put in place any design ideas, complex technical work at reasonable prices. Our goal is to carry out high-quality repairs efficiently and effectively.

Interested in Room Renovation?

NWL Building Service London company guarantees top quality of work and a comfortable process of renovation.

Any investment is always accompanied by the moments of doubt, disputes, the search for alternatives, and, as a result, consideration of all pros and cons. This also applies to home improvement and renovation, in a unique, beloved and cosy home. We know that the repair is done for years, everything should serve and please, not break, peel off, fade, etc.

At the same time, we want to clearly understand what we pay for, why we pay exactly so much, and what result we will get in the end by spending money on repairs, what guarantees we will receive.

When contacting our construction company, you will receive a competent advice on all issues related to repair work at the preparation stage. We also advise you on the choice of certain materials, cost, available alternatives, current discounts, and quality.

You receive guarantees for the work performed by us.

Home repair works carried out for two reasons.

The first reason is to fix the safety issue. Sometimes structural parts of an apartment or house lose the ability to function. In such cases, they need to be repaired.

The second reason is to upgrade or improve the design. In London, internal repairs are commonly done every 5-10 years. This allows you to
“refresh” the interior.

Building Service London happy to offer you a full range of its quality services. You can always order minor or major repairs from us. Our team of professionals can cope with any complexity and scope of work.


• Bespoke joinery
• Fire doors
• Door and window repairs and replacement by Hampstead Decorators


Building Service London provides kitchen installations reliably and at a reasonable price.
Our fitters have been working in the service sector for several years. We perform all work with high-quality tools and materials. The kitchen
renovation is carried out following the rules and regulations.

Kitchen Refurbishment starts with the development of a design project. We will recommend the design, draw up a work plan, and start
implementing it. And if you already have your ideas, we will professionally implement them.

When you are planning a kitchen renovation, check the condition of the water pipes. If the house is old, then replacing the pipes may be
necessary. The same goes for electrical wiring. Redevelopment may be required, as well as the replacement of wiring. We will do all for you
with licensed engineers.

Kitchen renovations, like bathroom renovations, must be done using moisture-resistant materials. To choose the right material, consult our

building service kitchen


Professional bathroom renovation from NWL BUILDING SERVICE LONDON.

We provide separate bathroom renovation or a complete apartment renovation. Redecoration and full refurbishment of the bathroom from
our specialists. Our tradespeople install a bath, replace pipes, tile walls and floors with high-quality materials. We offer a wide range of
services. Our team consists of experienced tilers who deliver high-end finish results.


• Leak repairs
• Installation and maintenance of the heating system


NWL Building Services works with commercial and residential clients. All engineers are NICEIC Registered.